1. Interceding for our Nations, Leaders(from all walks of life), Our Youths and Families through prayer gatherings and workshops.
  2. We address the problems of crimes, through the cooperation and support of our partner Reachout Homes, by providing Moral Life Teachings with housing supports to vulnerable adults and young adults which have seen many homeless people, ex-convicts and other vulnerable individuals become  useful members of the society. These  services however include emergency supported accommodation,  welfare supports, career skills, Community Empowerment &  Employable ‘moral based’ training programmes offered to members of the community who are ex-convicts (& offenders on supervision order/license), rough sleepers, addicts  and other categories of  homeless and vulnerable people.

The organisation’s ultimate reason for providing these rehabilitation services is not just to provide housing services but to run a programme to prevent and reduce offending and re-offending in our society and to assist the local government in finding alternative & ‘suitable’ solutions to the shortage of public sector accommodation for these vulnerable individuals as stated in the homelessness act. These categories of people are priorities for the local authority to provide them with accommodation but there is not enough public sector accommodation for them, hence the reason for our unique rehabilitation services to bridge the gap in the homelessness sector.

Our records showed that those who embraced these programmes always get their lives transformed for better – from a life of crime to becoming university graduates, responsible parents and partners, responsible and loyal employees, business persons and as Assets(rather than liabilities) to the community, to mention a few. The moral based equipping part of the training programme is a Government approved BTEC  Diploma course – in which the organisation is seeking expansion to be able to deliver in various institutions including prisons and educational establishments.

  1. Our International Units are engaged in the following areas of activities;
    • Providing scholarships and financial supports for the education of poor and deprived children and young adults in Africa – concentrating presently in Nigeria and gradually extending it to other countries in Africa.
    • Awarding interest free loan and grants to young adults and poor families to start local based businesses and farming.
    • We are now looking into providing Empowerment and Business Training Programmes to these poor adult families and even jobless graduates (prior to awarding them the required business loan/grant) to shift their mindset from remaining illiterates all their remaining lives – particularly in the areas of running a successful business.
    • Engaging, as well as providing awareness programmes, in establishing Sustainable Industrial Base in any poverty striking nations as an effective and permanent solution to alleviating  poverty in those countries – if the Millennium Development Goal of  ‘eradicating extreme poverty’ is to be effectively addressed.
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