Christ Media Group, consisting of  Christ Media for Nations + Partners, is

a biblically based organisation proclaiming Christ’s messages of Peace & Prosperity for the End Time. The messages are particularly based on the Revelations from Jesus Christ through Out-of-Body(OOB) Experiences. John16:12-15.

We carry out regular workshops and practical empowerment programmes to demonstrate how individuals, regardless, can benefit from these messages. Other programmes are carried out as a response to the instructions in the Word. 1Tim.2:1-4. Please, see our Right to Life – Prayer for our Nations programme.


  1. Everyone, human or corporate, operating in any identified environment/nation, is responsible in being part of the solution to the problems being encountered by that nation. Hence, the reason why this organization, with its partners and other organisations, is addressing the present problems of youth crimes in our society, especially in United Kingdom and other similar countries in the world.
  2. We do not believe in, or encourage, pointing of fingers of accusations to other organizations or governmental authorities. Everyone has got something positive to offer. Please, see some of our LIFE  TEACHING CAPTIONS.


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Please, contact Christ Media Group if you require any support, or want to support us, in any area of our activities above.

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